The ShotLock 1911 solo vault car safe for full frame handguns is made specifically to guarantee the safety of one’s full frame handgun(s). This safe is originally made and sold in USA and is ideally meant to be used in the car though it may also be used at home and even at the office as well. The solo vault comprises of a large and very easy to use
In case you intend to use the safe only in your car, you can easily attach or bolt it down using a metal cable. Although the metal cable is not included in the safe when buying, one can easily get one from their mechanic or car dealer shop and have it installed. What makes the ShotLock 1922 solo vault car safe for full frame handguns highly unique is that it consists of a 14 gauge steel construction and a 1,000+ mechanical lock combination. This particular lock unlike many other locks in the market does not require a battery to operate. Regardless of what time, the situation of the car or the timing, the owner of the safe can continually continue making use of their handgun car safe without worry.lock button that can be both opened and closed in a matter of seconds. Since the safe makes it possible for one to store their handgun without first dissembling it makes it more effective especially when one is instantly exposed in an environment that is unsafe. This ensures that one’s handgun is always ready and within reach hence giving the owner a sense of security.

ShotLock 1911 solo vault is currently available in color black. It is made of very strong material to ensure that the gun is well kept and safeguarded. The material is also very hard to break and its durability ensures that the owner can continue using it for many years to come. Moreover, one doesn’t have to worry about the safety of the kids since the safe is highly effective and can only be operated by the owner. Some of its extraordinarily and distinct features include an interior dimension that measures to 9 x 7 x 2 inches and with the exterior measuring to up to 11 x 7 x 2 inches. Other than safeguarding the handgun, one can as well keep other valuables in the solo vault car safe to ensure that they don’t get in the hands of unauthorized third party persons.
Moreover, the ShotLock 1911 solo vault car safe has an adjustable block of trigger guards that can be used to meet the needs of both left and right handguns. The door of the safe can as well open on either the left of the right side. Since the safe has been manufactured to cater for all types of handguns like the pistol, semi auto and side by side handguns, one isn’t obliged to buy a new gun to meet the car safe’s standards for it accommodates all of these types of guns. Indeed, it creates a provisional space to store other valuables that one may have.
The best place for one to purchase the ShotLock 1911 solo vault care safe for full frame handguns is online. This is because you can easily get your desired safe and at times, get lucky and be awarded some amazing discounts while shopping. Moreover, this kind of shopping is highly safe and reliable and more importantly, ensures that the buyer personal information is never made public. Shipping costs and duration may however vary depending on where one wants to have their product shipped. At the moment, the rate at which the ShotLock 1911 solo vault car safe for full frame handguns ranges between $150 to $200.
As a precautionary measure, always ensure that you have a permit to carry the handgun to avoid getting in trouble with the law enforcing bodies. Also, do not share your combination code with other people or with the kids.

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