If you are like me, you have picked up a few guns over the years and have realized it is just about time to look into purchasing the best gun safe for your firearms. There are hundreds of safes on the market of all different shapes, sizes, materials, safeguards, etc. Digging through all this information can be painful, when all we really need is a simple guide to breakdown the options for us. That is what we strive to do here at BestGunSafeGuide.com.

Our goal is to give you everything you need to make the “right” decision for you and your family when it comes to buying the best safe(s).

The interactive chart of gun safes below and the analysis that follows will help you decide what the best safe is for you.

We all have our personal preferences on what makes a good safe, but you are looking for the absolute best gun safe to keep your family and guns safe, and so we’re here to help.
Gun Safe Comparison Guide and Key

Included in the matrix are 9 columns:

Safe pictures
Safe brand and name/model – (click to view more details or to purchase)
Overall Exterior Dimensions in inches (W x H x D)
Overall Interior Dimensions in inches (W x H x D)
Weight – safe weight in pounds
Safe Lock Style
Safe Material – the metal used construction of the safe
Price – These are approximate prices on Amazon.com. These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. But generally speaking: $ = under $50, $$ = $50 to $200, $$$ = $200 to $500, $$$$ = $500+
Best Gun Safe Rating – The average user rating on Amazon.com. This can be very helpful in deciding if the safe is a quality product.

*Click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier

Why Do You Need A Gun Safe?

Whether you own several guns or just one, it is important to own a gun safe. With owning a gun, comes big responsibility. Gun safes will help prevent your guns from getting into the wrong hands, whether it be a child or a thief. The Department of Justice estimates 230,000 guns are stolen every year in America. Having the best gun safe for your needs can help prevent you from becoming one of the 230,000 victims every year.
How Do You Find The Best Gun Safe?

The interactive comparison chart above lists out some of the best gun safe options on the market today. You can avoid searching endlessly online for your next gun safe and rely on the simple yet thorough comparison chart. Look over the criteria and options to find the bestgun safe for you, rather than what someone else feels is the best option.

Above you have at your fingertips the Ultimate Gun Safe Guide to help you decide on the perfect gun safe for your needs.

Best Gun Safe Reviews

Depending on your specific criteria, you can’t go wrong selecting one of the 15 gun safes listed in our above comparison chart. We do, however, have a select list of 5 we like the best and would like to point out. Below we have written a short review on each of these top five gun safes.

GunVault Nanovault 200

GunVault is a well respected gun safe manufacturer who has been around for more than 20 years. Their focus is on quality and innovation for quick access style safes. The Nanovault 200 is a quality key lock style gun, built to last. We feel it is one of the best mobile gun safes on the market. It can sit well under your bed, in a drawer or in a safe location in your vehicle. The safe is also certified to be used in airline travel. Additionally, it comes with a It comes with a 1,500-pound test security cable that can be used to secure it to a specific location when traveling. Have firearm? Will travel!

The Nanovault 200 is made with 18-gauge steel, which is quite competitive for this style and size of gun safe. Many of the other options on the market in this category of safe are made with weaker gauge steel. The case will fit a full sized pistol and has room for a few magazines, a smaller pistol or other small miscellaneous items you may want to store in it. Inside the case is a 1.25 inch thick memory foam that will help protect the contents.

Pros: Affordable price, quality build, dependable key lock system, excellent for travel as well as a nightstand safe.

Cons: Complaints of strong smell on the cushioning inside, very light and can be easily stolen, the security cable could use an upgrade in quality.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a very reliable gun safe at an affordable price, we suggest you put the GunVault Nanovault 200 up for consideration.

BARSKA Biometric Safe

Gun safes with a biometric locking mechanism, also known as fingerprint safes, have become very popular with gun owners in recent years. The BARSKA Biometric Safe is one of the best options available for this style of safe. BARSKA is a global sport optics company based out of Pomona, CA. Their brand is known for pushing the envelope with great cutting edge technology

The BARSKA Biometric Safe is a compact safe that opens with a touch of a finger. The unit can store up to 30 unique fingerprints, making it a great safe for the home or office. It has a weight of 32 pounds with interior dimensions of 6.25 by 7 by 14.25 inches (W x H x D). The safe comes with 2 backup keys, mounting hardware and has a one year limited warranty.

This safe can house about 3 pistols and a few mags. It comes with a soft flowering to protect the valuables you place inside.

Pros: Good technology, quick and easy access, quality product – it does what it is intended for, fingerprint reader works very well.

Cons: Thin steel construction, light weight and can be easily picked up and stolen if not bolted down. Batteries are needed, you will need to check the safe regularly. No fire or water resistance rating.

Conclusion: The BARSKA Biometric Safe is one of the best affordable fingerprint safes on the market. You will be buying a quality product that will get the job done day after day.

The First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe

The First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe is one of the most popular digital safes on the market. First Alert has been around since 1958 and currently based out of Aurora, IL. Their products range from safes to fire alarms to high tech home security systems. Their business model is centered on helping their clients protect what matters most.

The First Alert 2096DF is a great digital safe option to consider. The safe features pry resistant hinges, 6 live locking door bolts for added defense and programmable digital lock with override key. Additionally, the safe has fire resistance (UL classified for 1 hour to withstand an external temperature of 1700° F while maintaining an internal temperature of less than 350°) and can protect from water damage even when fully submerged. With its composite construction of a water tight seal, the safe prevents water damage to the contents caused by flooding or by water used in fighting a fire. The First Alert 2096DF is essentially waterproof safe and will float during a flood making it easy to locate. The unit will remain dry inside even if fully submerged.

The interior dimensions are 13.50 x 19.69 x 13.88 and includes an adjustable storage shelf, key rack and door pocket. First Alert has a 5-year limited warranty on this safe, which is quite long when compared to their competitors who usually offer around one year. There is plenty of room for your pistol firearm collection along with other valuables you want to keep stores. The weight of the unit is listed at 140 lbs. making it very tough to move, which is a good thing.

Pros: This is a very well built safe, with the fire and water protection you may be looking for. We like to room available for storage, the weight of the unit which will deter thieves and the 5 year warranty.

Cons: Internal humidity can be a bit of an issue with this safe so we suggest you also buy a safe dehumidifier like this one. The safe is mainly plastic, which isn’t the best material for a safe. If you are looking for something to keep thieves out when you are not around, you will have to look elsewhere.

Conclusion: The First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe is a good looking safe with a number of great features. It will protect and keep your gun other items safe, but be aware that it isn’t the most difficult safe to break into.

GunVault SpeedVault SV500

This is the second GunVault SpeedVault safe in our list of the top five gun safes. This safe is a digital lock with a backup key option. It too was constructed with 18-gauge steel, making the unit a good strong option to consider. Now 18-gauge isn’t going to stop a thief who has hours to work on breaking in, but it will deter anyone who only has a few minutes to break in. There is a tamper indicator light as well as a code lockout which kicks in after a set number of unsuccessful attempts to access the safe. If you have young children at home, you will know if they happen to try to get into this safe. This will provide you with a great teaching opportunity afterward.

It is battery run, so you will need to make sure the safe stays powered up, but it does have a built-in audio and led low battery warning system.

If you are looking for a small gun safe with quick access, the Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 should do the trick. It is mountable on the unit’s left, right or backside.

Pros: Quick access, great digital key technology, tamper warning built in, low battery notification and easily mountable.

Cons: The safe is only 18-gauge, meaning it is a bit on the thin side. It has very little room for anything other than the gun itself and has been known to be a bit noisy.

Conclusion: The Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 gun safe is a great option for any gun owner looking for a safe way to store a gun that may need to be reached in a hurry. The safe construction is very solid, but keep in mind the steel used won’t hold up too long with a real thief in the room. We like this safe as a complement to some of the other, larger more theft deterrent options on the market.

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