After buying a safe you are sometimes stuck with mounting the safes.Mounting it may be advisable because it will not be safe (from theft etc) when the safe is lying just like that when you park vehicle at no pistol zone.It will be better if you mount it to some place either in your home or car/vehicle. For that you need to first find a suitable place for it. In case in your car you can mount it in your trunk or on your desk or even under your seat.In this way it is not openly visible.
There are lots of different types of safes and they come in numerous sizes and patterns. They may be placed directly underneath the car seat, installed on the roof of the vehicle, or kept in the dash drawer or the storage area of the centre console. Truck gun safe is comparable to small safes, except they are specifically made for bigger cars.They may come in the types for pistol or larger guns.There are several producers that make gun safes for particular automobile versions.These safe is well hidden but also easily accessible.
Some case comes with holes or mounting pad for screwing it onto wall or metal surface. Other type of cases for small guns are designed thin enough to slide between spaces of seats after tying it with rope to secure it onto some fixed object.For mounting keep following in mind.
1.)The mounting panel is not shaky or that it can hold the screw in jerks and vibration while driving or other reason.Also see that there are no parts in the other side of the panel which could be harmed while drilling.
2.)Make exact measurement of the hole position of the safe ie distance,length and breadth wise.Bring exact size screw.Or show the case to shopkeeper while asking for screws.Test different size screw and use which fits the best.
3.) Mark hole position onto panel with a marker.
4.)Create holes on the panel with a driller.Now place the case on the panel and fasten the screws.

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