Some of us enjoy going to the beach while others prefer watching basketball, football, volleyball, and other outdoor sports. Clearly, each one of us has different hobbies and ways of relieving stress. For me, hunting has always been a great past-time and I have discovered the satisfaction that my outdoor pursuits give me.

Many people have been asking me to explain the benefits that I can get from hunting. And every time they do that, I feel like I need more time to explain what’s the reason why. Few minutes are not enough to tell them why this has been my passion.

Sport hunters are also aware that there are groups and organizations that have been raising funds and organizing actions against us. They have been telling us that it is a mistake to kill, but we believe that we are also contributing to the wildlife management. Hunters are spending billion dollars each year just because of this hobby. It is our way of giving contributions to wildlife management.

I have decided to write about my experiences in hunting through this site. I am very grateful to my wife, Tabitha, for being responsible enough to develop and manage this page. Aside from being a good mother to our five children, she has always been a good wife and partner to me whatever the circumstances are.

For the past two decades, I have dabbled into hunting and it has also become a source of income for me and my wife. That is also the reason why we decided to reside in Mount Vernon, Kentucky because we find it as a conducive place for hunting.

I remember when we were just a newly-transferred couple in Kentucky, the first thing I asked her to do was to find an article about how to grow hair faster with a supplement. It sounded funny for her but I told her that I just wanted to look more handsome in her eyes especially that we’re living on our own. Haha!

Living and hunting in our place is not difficult because the rules and regulations are not strict compare to other places we’ve been to. The weather is good for my family and the location is also safe for my kids. We have done certain adjustments of course. But I believe this is already the place where we are going to raise our children and live a happy life.

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