Strolling down the park is one of my morning routines. I usually spend time with my pets before I go to work. It is the best time of the day where I can be myself and be with my best companion. I usually play with them for a little while before we pass by at my favorite coffee shop to sip my Cappuccino. Mornings is my most cherished time of the day where I feel comfortable doing things that I love and being carefree for that specific moment.

My day is usually spend working and talking with other people. The kind of work that I do involves a lot of networking as I hunt the best people which I can recruit to join my growing up business. During my childhood, my parents describe me as a very talkative kid and very friendly. I really love talking to strangers up to the point that I’m selling my mother’s baked cookies to them. Maybe I have an inborn talent in great communication as I converse with them naturally. I become very active in my school organizations and love to talk in public. My friends would always love to listen to all my stories and my teachers noticed my unique skill as well.

I pushed myself hard to excel in everything that I do. My parents was very proud of me as I enrolled myself as a scholar in a prestigious University. I graduated with the Degree of Business Communications. Right after college, I supported myself to land in a career that I’ve been dreaming of. I took a lot of risks and continued to strive harder. That’s when I established my very own people hunting business.

My purpose in life has never been fulfilled as I become the person who I want to be. I was able to save and rent my own place where I live with my pets. I have 3 dogs that I’m taking good care of. I always spend time with them during my breaks but since I am usually pre occupied with my work I make sure to provide them their food to keep them going and I give them the best supplement for the liver which is denamarin. This is a nutritional supplement containing the antioxidant Silybin used to improve my pet’s liver function by increasing liver glutathione levels. Silybin aids digestion and absorption of nutrients from my pet’s diet. I’ve been trusting this supplement ever since it was prescribed by their veterinarian. I was very satisfied with the results. Even if I’m busy with my work I feel at ease knowing that the health of my pets is at its optimum condition.

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