This safe is made by gun vault is actually a safe to ethically and securely carry your gun and valuables.It is small,portable and easily concealable.Can be hid anywhere.It is available cheap and opens with a key.If you want combination you can try nano vault 300 for some extra bucks.It will meat all the transportation specification for most of the state.

It is not a bad item to keep it in your automobile specially if you carry your gun all or most of the time.Best if you want to leave inside the car for a short period of time.A strong cable is provided to mout it to a column or stationary place.Basically suited for frequent change of location inside vehicle or home.

People who own a gun should know about the GunVault Nanovault 200. This item helps secure your gun safely out of reach from children or from anyone who wants to steal your handgun. The Nanovault 200 features a specialized key lock, and it safely secures 1911 style pistols. The mini-vault is also produced by GunVault, a well-respected brand in the said industry. On top of that, the Nanovault 200 comes with a very attractive price.

Having a gun around is a means to protect you from anyone who might cause harm. However, there is a tendency that a minor would get their hands on them and find themselves in a terrible accident. Nanovault 200 helps that by preventing unauthorized people to get a hold of your handgun. The great advantage with this mini vault is its portability. This allows the vault to be carried almost anywhere and may be stored safely within your car.

Nanovault 200 is very sturdy and strong to say the least. This little gun safe is almost entirely made of solid steel, and it is the 12 gauge kind. The dimensions of the vault are just enough to allow a handgun to be stored and yet remain portable and can almost be placed anywhere. Even with the size, it allows enough storage for a few accessories such as extra clip and spare ammunition.

Nanovault 200 is a vault that is designed to open from the top. The top part of the vault is also made of 12 gauge steel. Also, the top part is also shut lock with a specialized key lock. The vault only carries comes with a single key to open the safe.

The safe is precisely and accurately built that it closes tightly. This feature makes opening the mini-vault hard and tiring even hand tools are being used.

The most appealing aspect of Nanovault 200 is its portability. The mini-vault is small enough to fit in any kind of backpack or perhaps under the seat of your vehicle. Nanovault 200 is approved by the TSA and meets the TSA guidelines when it comes to flying with firearms. Additionally, Nanovault 200 can carry and hold more than a gun. It can also secure small valuable items such as navigator system of your vehicle or perhaps a mobile phone.

Nanovault 200 comes with a strong security cable. This security cable helps the mini-vault to be attached and locked safe in place. The cable itself has been tested and shows it can resist up to 1500 lbs of force. This prevents from anyone from simply grabbing the safe and running off with it. Also, because of the sheer strength of the cable, this would make it hard for anyone to cut through it. Though this security cable seems a novel ingenious feature, but it does do its intended job pretty well.

All in all, Nanovault 200 is a quality item that not only keeps the children away from your gun, but it also safely secures them from unauthorized persons. With a price that is very competitive, it is hard to turn down an item like this if you have a firearm around.

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