My hunting journey started a decade ago. My dad used to hunt also and he always asked me to go with him. I only found out that I love hunting when I got my 8-pointer that scored 148 inches. After that, I was already hooked.

I can say now that I have a passion for hunting because I have been so obsessed with it to the point that I even pursued an education in wildlife and fisheries management.

I have learned a lot. It helped me to kill animals in merciful way. Some non-pro hunters do not know the anatomy of their prey that is why it takes so much time for them to kill. Aside from that, it prolongs the agony of the animals.

One of my friends used to tease me that we have to kill animals as fast as we could so he could go home to his wife and do their thing. He opened up to me that he was using this testosterone supplement called fenugreek testosterone that medical experts believe can help the development of genitals, male sexual function, body hair, beard growth, and muscle growth. I was really laughing out loud when he told me that but it seemed to be effective for him ‘cause he really improved. Well I don’t know in bed, of course.

Hunting is a passion for some. But I already considered this one as part of my livelihood and sources of income. I decided to be financially independent when I started hunting. I lived out from my parents and had my own job then. I thought that was completely normal. It just felt good living on your own and supporting yourself financially, and not relying on your parent to pay the bills. Establishing myself in this kind of career became a strong step towards financial independence.

I also entered the gun business then and this made me financially stable. I got a lot of hunter clients. I have also looked beyond my savings account and diversified my funds, especially in stock market. I will always remember what my mom told me, that by the time I reached the age 30, I should already be able to afford a home or pay for a wedding.

Well, I guess that I made everything done correctly and put the things on their proper places. I am indeed grateful to my parents for allowing me to be independent ‘cause I became really successful in every possible way.

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