Safe Gun Guide

If you are like me, you have picked up a few guns over the years and have realized it is just about time to look into purchasing the best gun safe for your firearms. There are hundreds of safes on the market of all different shapes, sizes, materials, safeguards, etc. Digging through all this information Continue Reading

Living and Hunting

Some of us enjoy going to the beach while others prefer watching basketball, football, volleyball, and other outdoor sports. Clearly, each one of us has different hobbies and ways of relieving stress. For me, hunting has always been a great past-time and I have discovered the satisfaction that my outdoor pursuits give me. Many people Continue Reading


My hunting journey started a decade ago. My dad used to hunt also and he always asked me to go with him. I only found out that I love hunting when I got my 8-pointer that scored 148 inches. After that, I was already hooked. I can say now that I have a passion for Continue Reading

A briefcase for security of valuables

Console Vault is a Vegas based company. They manufacture a lot of things, but they are known for various security carrying cases. This security cases are good for home, office and care usage. Well now the company has just released a new innovative carrying case.It is known as the security briefcase. This briefcase was initially Continue Reading

Mounting small gun safe in a car

After buying a safe you are sometimes stuck with mounting the safes.Mounting it may be advisable because it will not be safe (from theft etc) when the safe is lying just like that when you park vehicle at no pistol zone.It will be better if you mount it to some place either in your home Continue Reading

Club LB200 key lock safe

This is not a safe as such.It is rather a lock box in which you can keep your valuables and place it inside a car under your seat or places like that.The safe wil be secured to the seat with the help of the cable provided.You can be quite assured of the security of the Continue Reading

Titan combination Safe

Of all the safe available in market if you are looking for a really strong safe overlooking the price this is the one for you.Needless to say the safe is quite sturdy and free from any electronics.Its an all mechanical safe which is quick and reliable to open at all time since no batteries are Continue Reading

GunVault Nanovault 200 key lock review

This safe is made by gun vault is actually a safe to ethically and securely carry your gun and valuables.It is small,portable and easily concealable.Can be hid anywhere.It is available cheap and opens with a key.If you want combination you can try nano vault 300 for some extra bucks.It will meat all the transportation specification for most of the state. It is not Continue Reading